Monday, March 14, 2011

My Remarkable Journey by Larry King

"The reason there’s nothing better than fatherhood is what it produces. In my case, it produced: Andy, Larry Jr., Chaia, Chance, and Cannon. They are my reason for being."

"Memories are all we have. Lose them, and we have nothing. But memories touched by humor, those are the best of all. " (p.g. 2)

"They say that discipline is a father’s way of showing love." (p.g. 17)

"If there were anybody here exactly like you there would be no reason for being here." (p.g. 39)

"One of my major slogans in life is: A nose that can hear is worth two that can smell." (p.g. 39)

"Miami was one of the few places where Lenny Bruce didn’t have a lot of trouble with the cops. I said, “ Lenny, why are you wearing this?”

He said , “ I like to wear prison uniforms.”


“ I like to walk up to cops and ask them directions.”


“To see their reactions. Because you know what they’re thinking. The first thing they’re thinking is, Is this an escaped con asking for directions? The second thing they’re thinking is, Nah, can’t be an escaped con. Why would an escaped con ask a policeman for directions? Third thing they’re thinking is, What if he’s a brilliant escaped con who thinks that I’m not thinking what he’s thinking?” (p.g. 65)

"When you develop an attachment to a team, your emotional well-being is dependent on the actions of others." (p.g. 90)

"If you take a risk and you love somebody, if you’re really committing yourself, you’re opening yourself to be hurt." (p.g. 96)

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