Friday, January 18, 2013

An American Son: A memoir by Marco Rubio

O’Brian, the priest said, “Love isn’t a feeling, it’s an action.” (p.g. 101)

“Neither then nor now do I believe government is the solution to all our problems. On the contrary, when government assumes too great a role in our economy and private affairs it crowds out the individual initiative and risk-taking entrepreneurs that are the engine of our prosperity and the essence of Americans’ problem-solving genius. Government at its best can make a positive difference in our lives when it listens to the people, and responds to their concerns effectively without exceeding its mandate and assuming responsibilities that we are able and prefer to manage ourselves.” (p.g. 102)

America. America was the difference. ... America’s greatness isn’t self-perpetuating. Each generation is responsible for the America we leave our children, for ensuring we are not America’s last privileged generation.” (p.g. 216)

“I admired them, I loved them, but I never considered them successful. For me success was what you accomplished in your career, But now that I have achieved what I once believed was the height of success, I am starting to understand that in the end, just like my father and grandfather, the mark I make in this world will not be decided by how much money I make or how many titles I attain, Rather, the greatest mark I can leave is the one I will make as a father and a husband.” (p.g. 300)