Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Blue Flower by Penelope Fitzgerald

“Not everyone can speak about what they suffer. Some are separated from the only one they love, but are obliged to remain silent.” (p.g. 74)

August Schlegel wrote that “form is mechanical when, through external force, it is imparted merely as an accidental addition without reference to its quality: as, for example, when we give a particular shape to a soft mass so that it may retain the same when it hardens. Organic form is innate: it unfolds itself from within, and acquires its determination at the same time as the perfect development of the germ.” (p.g. 86)

“I think, indeed, that women have a better grasp on the whole business of life than we men have. We are morally better than they are, but they can reach perfection, we can’t. And that is in spirit of the fact that they particularise, we generalise.” (p.g. 100)

“Pure sensation can never be in contradiction to nature.” (p.g. 123)

“Courage when you don’t understand what it is that you have to face is no better than ignorance.” (p.g. 157)

“Courage is more than endurance, it is the power to create your own life in the face of all that man or God can inflict, so that every day and every night is what you imagine it. Courage makes us dreamers, courage makes us poets.” (p.g. 157)

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